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Important Dates

Look here to find important dates and times related to our classroom.

End of Year Celebration, Friday May 24th 1:15-1:45 Upper Courtyard in front of Concord

Field Trip, Richardson Nature Center Friday, May 31st.  Please send a lunch from home.

Ask/Tell your child:  

 Tell me about the insects in your classroom.  What have you observed?

As you read you BAT book, identify the main idea/topic and details.

What are adjectives?  Give me three examples.  

Name the parts of an insects body, two types of insect life cycles

Name some conventions of Nonfiction?  Show me when you find them in your nonfiction BAT books

Skip count to 120 by 1s, 5s, and 10s - and to 40 by 2s.  Now, skip count back.

Academic Focus

Look here weekly/biweekly to see what your child is currently on.

Reading:  IDR (independent daily reading)

Phonics:  letter sounds, short vowel a, e, i, o, u  digraphs sh, th, ch, -ed -ing endings sound like d, t, ed, syllables, vowel pairs (ex. oa, ai, ie)

Reading Accuracy Strategies:  track the print with your finger, look for picture clues, blend the sounds to determine the word, flip the sound (ie. try long a instead of short a), cover the word ending to read the base word then add the ending

Comprehension  Main Idea/Topic and supporting detatails, Wondering, text to self connection, text to text connection, retelling including all/most details, retell with a flow map of key details

Expand Vocabulary (know, look for, and use the following): evidence, discover, essential, faint, earsplitting

Math: Time to the hour and Half Hour Counting coins, Addition and Subtraction to 40 with and without regrouping, Solving number stories  


Writing Skills:  adjectives, possessive nouns, punctuation . ? !  -verbs, noun and verb agreement, proper nouns, past tense/present tense, -ed endings

Handwriting: using lower case when printing, forming letters and numbers correctly

Science: Insects, MN Animals, Habitats, Life Cycle, Adaptation

Social Studies: 

Listening:  not talking, eyes on speaker, engage/able to participate in current topic/discussion
















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