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Important Dates

Look here to find important dates and times related to our classroom.

Field Trip: Bell Museum, Thursday March 12th, 9:55-12:15 Send a lunch from home.  Your child will eat in the classroom when we return.  Water for a drink, please.

Ask/Tell your child:  

 Skip count to 120 by 1s, 5s, and 10s - and to 40 by 2s.  Now, skip count back.

Count up and back by 10s from any number, ie. back by 10s from 92

What is a 5 star sentence in writing?  Write two for me.

What are the three MN animal habitats?  What might you see in each one? What is the amphibian life cycle?  What are characteristics of amphibians?

Name some compound words.

What is questioning when your reading or listening to a story?  Why is that important?

Academic Focus

Look here each week to see what your child is currently working on.

Reading:  IDR (independent daily reading), good fit reading, small group, nouns and verbs, onomatopoeia, compound words

Accuracy/Phonics chunking syllables, compound words, words within words, letter sounds, short vowel a, e, i, o, u  digraphs ch, sh, th, wh, long vowel vs short vowels, silent e, adding suffixes -ed, -ing

Reading Accuracy Strategies:  track the print with your finger, look for picture clues, blend the sounds to determine the word, look all the way through the word, chunking longer words (breaking apart the syllables), skip and go back

Comprehension  questioning what might happen while reading and reading more to find out/discover, visualizing text when there are not pictures, text to self connection, text to text, retelling, central message/author's purpose, problem/solution, clarify vocabulary, inference

Expand Vocabulary (know, look for, and use the following): frigid, firm, appetite, commotion, collapse, possession, humorous, pout

Math: counting (see skip counting practice suggestion above; practice at home.  Number bonds, addition and subtractions number stories, addition and subtraction number sentences, counting on to add, counting on to find how many more to make the total, solving how many left, plane shapes and solid shapes, equal parts, attributes, ordinal numbers/position vocabulary, adding to 20, place value - counting 100s 10s and 1s, representing numbers with base 10 blocks, length, nonstandard measurement, picture graphs and bar graphs, analyzing and interpreting data, data collection and graph making, tally marks, two digit addition and subtraction with and without regrouping, adding three numbers, clocks telling time on an analog clock

Writing: 5 star sentences, nonfiction writing, creating book covers

Writing Skills:  spacing, spelling sight words correctly in daily writing, capitalization, punctuation

Handwriting: using lower case when printing, forming letters and numbers correctly

Science: MN animals, MN habitats, Animal groups and characteristics, life cycle, adaptation

Social Studies: Geography, Mapping, Sketch Map, Physical vs. Human landmarks

Listening:  not talking, eyes on speaker, engage/able to participate in current topic/discussion
















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