New York Business and Industry

In New York, there are tons of businesses and industries. Did you know that New York publishes more books, magazines, and newspapers than any other state in the nation? New York also happens to be the nation’s center for women’s fashion! Four out of five New Yorkers work at service companies, such as health care workers, teachers, or actors, but the most popular work is financial jobs and banking. In New York, banking and the financial industry are very important and get the most pay. In fact, New York is the nation’s capital for financial services! One other job I forgot to mention is mining. Stone, zinc, and salt are all mined in the state. Mining may not be a major industry, but mining brings in one million dollars for the state each year! So, as you probably can tell, there are lots of businesses and industries, and all are important to the state in their own way. As far as I can tell, every job in New York would be a good one!