Syllabus for: Course 1

    ASD Resource room
   The ASD Resource room is designed to be a calm and welcoming environment students with high functioning Autism can access during the school day to work on the goals and objectives of their IEP. These often include social/communication skill development, self-advocacy, organizational skills, specific academic skills, as well as planning for the transition to employment, post-secondary and independent living. Staff help students think through their day, processing any concerns that might have come up in class- both social and academic. We also assist with the organization of materials and academic task completion. Students are allowed to use the time to take a break as needed during this time to decompress from the social stress of the day. Social time with others is allowed and encouraged but will be balanced with time for working on the transition planning and independent academic skills. As a member of the ASD resource room program, students are expected to attend various social outings outside of the classroom throughout the school year. Students are also expected to attend and help run their IEP meetings.

Policies for successful completion (e.g. attendance, grading, and expectations)
    Attendance is required and students must check in with staff on a daily basis. A plan is then developed with the teacher as to how the hour will be used by the student and what specific support is needed. Students are daily graded on a 0-3 point scale.  This class is on a pass/fail credit. Those earning below 65% will not get credit for the class.It is expected that students follow though on the task they plan to do while respecting the needs of other students in the room.

    Students are expected to be respectful to all staff and other students. Disrupting the learning environment others need while in the resource room is not allowed. Behaviors such as teasing and put-downs, trolling, and swearing will not be tolerated. Students are expected to share the space and clean up after themselves. 

    Students are discouraged from being on computers to play games to decompress. They need to find and use other methods to reduce stress or to connect socially with others. The resource room stresses that the use of computers is allowed only for academics or for job and college searches. This also includes personal computers and hand held devices. Music is allowed but needs to be listened to with headphones. 

   The ASD resource room is open to students all day (including lunch hours) and students are allowed to access the room when needed. Tests may be taken in the room but we are encouraging students to use the testing center down the hall for a quieter, better proctored space. 

Students who need to miss a class hour due to anxiety are allowed to be in the ASD resource room with teacher permission. The classroom teacher and attendance line will be notified and the student will be marked "absent excused - student activity" to help us track the absence. The goal will be to help the student work though the issue so s/he can return to class or continue on with the day.   If missing a class becomes a  concern, parents will be notified. 

If there are any questions as to the purpose and expectations of the class please be sure to contact me.