Pride Songs

Old Countryside Pride Song

Caring is a special word

to use in helping others.

Showing others how to be

Respectful to each other.

Being Fair and Trustworthy,

Responsible, too.

Acting like Good Citizens

in everything we do.

New Countryside Pride Song

We’re students from Countryside and we have lots of pride, These are the values we like to display:

We’re Caring, Responsible, Trustworthy Citizens, Fair and Respectful we go through the day.


That’s what it looks like and

That’s what it sounds like and

That’s what it feels like to have Countryside Pride!

Copyright 2010--Shandra Prowell

ICCCAR Values Song

I am a countryside cougar,

You know what that means?

I triple C-A-R without the E.

I am safe, respectful and caring, too. ‘Cause I live by the “I care”


“I” is for Integrity,

3 “C”s are Courage, Compassion and Commitment

“A” is for appreciation of diversity,

“R” is for responsibility.

If I live by the ICCCAR values,

Then I can make a difference!

Copyright 2008--Shandra Prowell