Orchestra Hall Field Trip

For 3rd Grade

At Countryside Elementary, Neigborhood grade 3 (and 3/4CP when they are on the third grade curriculum cycle) travel by bus to downtown Minneapolis each year to hear the Minnesota Orchestra play at Orchestra Hall. Unfortunately, because tickets are ordered the previous spring, this means that there are no extra tickets for parent chaperones. To see what concert your child will attend or to find a permission slip link, scroll down.

A PDF of the 2018 permission slip will be available closer to the event.

Watch the Orchestra Grow

Wednesday, October 24

Just how did it happen that early music ensembles—starting with only a handful of string players—grew into today’s grand and mighty body of symphonic musicians?

Fun Facts:

  • This concert lets students both see and hear this amazing development, as one or two musicians at a time come onstage to reveal how their instruments became key parts of the whole.
  • Discover the important changes that came with “Papa” Haydn, the “father of the symphony orchestra”; Mozart, who championed the clarinet; and Beethoven, Wagner and Britten, each of whom advanced the symphonic mix in unique ways.

To listen to some songs ahead of time, click on this playlist: https://safeshare.tv/playlists/26230#26230

Click here for a PDF of the field trip form: https://drive.google.com/open?id=11SyL3OzJeXQWL9xmqKWcFCp4yqINpezy