Final Cohort Refection


Using Symbaloo

Symbaloo is a free bookmarking site where you can place relevant digital content you have selected for your specific student needs, objectives and themes onto what is called a “Webmix” (grid of tiles holding your bookmarks) that is easy and safe to access by students as young as kindergarten.  I used Symbaloo for a writing unit on informational writing.  I had a variety of examples of digital “How To” books kids could view by clicking on tiles I had created so they could see examples before making their own.  I also used a webmix for our Worm unit so they could view various videos and resources about worms.  They worked with a partner and took notes (1-2 words) of important or interesting information they saw and together as a class we shared and sorted their notes into categories.  Because I didn’t want kindergartners accessing the video choices that pop-up at the end of YouTube videos, I used an etremely simple site called SafeShare.TV  ( to create a new URL of each YouTube video I had selected and linked the new URLs into my Webmix. Symbaloo has a gallery of webmixes already created that you can access to use as well.

                "How To" Webmix                     Worms Webmix