Purchasing Apps from the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP)

Apple has created the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) for schools to purchase apps using Apple Vouchers.  The VPP helps us to avoid paying tax, keep track of licenses and also receive discounts on 20 copies or more of many apps. 
Only paid apps can be purchased from the VPP at this time.  Free apps and all other iTunes store content must be purchased from the iTunes store using a Gift Card.  The School AppleID's should NOT have a credit card associated with the accounts.

Apple's Terms & Constraints for today

  • Apple's Terms of Use requires that one copy for each paid App title be purchased for each iOS device that it will be installed and used with when in a large group or shared check out situation.
  • Downloading Apps is done using an iTunes account (Apple ID) in iTunes or on the iOS device.
  • Paid Apps must be purchased using the Volume Purchase Program by designated Program Facilitators for our district.  Redeem codes are provided for each copy of a paid App.  Some Apps can be purchased using iTunes Gift Cards for individual devices. 
  • Free apps can be downloaded directly from the standard iTunes App Store.
  • All Apps, free and paid, are permanently associated with the iTunes/AppleID that downloaded it.
  • Each AppleID can be authorized on up to 5 computers at a time.
  • Apps can be re-downloaded any time but all other content can not be re-downloaded.  Back it up.

Step 1 - Purchase Voucher

You need and Apple Voucher to purchase apps from the VPP.  If you don't have one, you must order it through DMTS.  Contact Val Sparks with a budget code to use.  $100 is the smallest voucher.  If you have already purchased the Voucher and Redeemed it to your account, skip to Step 3.
** Note: sometimes signing into the VPP store takes several tries to get the site to recognize your email and password. **

Step 2 - Sign in to VPP

Redeem the Voucher in VPP for your account.  Once you have gotten the Voucher, login to the VPP site using your School VPP AppleID email and password.  

Step 3 - Redeem Voucher 

Redeem Voucher by entering the 16-character code on the voucher into your VPP account.

Step 4 - Find and Purchase App

Find the App in the VPP by name or by pasting the URL from the iTunes store (sometimes called the Copy Link) into the search box.  Enter your quantity.  Click Continue.  Sometimes it makes sense to by 20 copies in order to get the discount.  You will pay less for 20 apps then you would for 10 when they are half price.   You may only buy 1 app title at a time but in multiple quantity.

Step 5 - Download Spreadsheet

After you have purchased the Apps, you will get a confirmation email and the VPP account will be updated.  Look for the Download Spreadsheet link to get the Redeem Codes.    You can download the spreadsheet (.xls) and then upload into Google Apps.  Please name the start of the spreadsheet with your 2-letter building or program code.   Log the purchase in your budget spreadsheet for your building or program.

Step 6 - Share Redeem Code with Teacher

Send the Redeem code or App-specific URL to the teacher that will be "buying" the App.   They only need 1 Redeem code to enter even though they may have multiple iDevices that they are installing the app on.  We use the spreadsheet to account for the number of copies we have purchased for your building or program.  Depending on your situation, you may need to keep track of several spreadsheets or tabs for different budget amounts for different teachers.

Once the Teacher has the Redeem codes (one per App title) they will use it in iTunes or on their iPod/iPad to "buy" the App.