Syncing your iPod/iPad with iTunes on your Computer

iTunes is the tool to update, backup and sync your iDevices.  You will want to do this once a week to get updates and backup the settings on the iPod/iPad.  

If you are syncing the iPad or iPod to your reimaged computer or for the first time, you will need to Authorize the iTunes program ahead of time and Transfer Purchases to the computer.

  1. Be sure iTunes is installed on your computer.  You can install via "Run Advertised Programs" in Control Panels or download and install iTunes from Apple.
  2. Open iTunes and from the Store menu at the top, choose Authorize this Computer.  Enter your Apple ID and password.  
  3. Use the special USB Dock connector cable to connect to your computer. 
  4. Make sure you are signed to the iTunes Store with your School AppleID
  1. Open iTunes and see the iPad/iPod under Devices.
  2. Right-click on the name of the iPad/iPod and choose Transfer Purchases from iPad.
  3. Additional purchased content can be re-downloaded from the iTunes App store if needed.  Look for the Purchased section.
  4. If you have Photos and Videos on the iPad, you will need to use the Windows Camera import wizard or iPhoto to copy all the Photo content to the computer prior to first sync.
  5. After you have Transfered Purchases and synced Photos, Right-click on the iPad and choose Backup.

  6. After the Transfer and Backup, you can choose to Sync the iPad/iPad. 
  7. If you get a warning that it may Erase and Sync, you can now choose to Erase and Sync because you have copied the Apps to iTunes and they will stay on the iPad.  Click Erase and Sync
  8. After the first sync, you may want to go to the Apps tab for the device and recheck all the Apps you want to stay on the device for future use.
  9. If the iPad/iPod doesn't start to sync automatically, you can click the sync button at the bottom right.  If iTunes asks you for a "backup encryption password" please use the one that your tech has assigned to you.  
  10. When the iPod is syncing you will see the progress bar at the top of iTunes spinning and showing the steps.   

  11. When Finished, you can eject the iPod/iPad by clicking the small Arrows by the device in the sidebar.  
Periodically, Apple will release software updates for the iPod or iPad.  You can check in iTunes by connecting your device and then clicking on the Check for Updates button. 

When there is an update, iTunes will download and install the software update.  
iOS 5 is a MAJOR update and can take hours, please check here for more information.

iOS 6 can be done with iTunes or over wireless.  It is recommended that you plug in the iPod/iPad to power before running an iOS update.

The software update process can only be done on ONE device at a time and can take a very long time.  ~45 minutes

Great Page from Canby, OR K12 site on dual-account syncing:
Syncing Multiple Accounts in iTunes link to other site