Using your Redeem Code or Gift Card

You have two methods for downloading your Apps with a Redeem Code.  You can use your iPod/iPad or you can use iTunes on the computer that you sync the iDevices with.  Free Apps do not use a redeem code, you can just "buy" them for $0.00.

Using iTunes to 'buy' an App

Step 1 - Open iTunes and click on the iTunes Store

Step 2 - Sign in to the store using your School AppleID and choose Redeem

Step 3 - Enter the Redeem Code to download each App title to your computer.

Using the iPod/iPad to buy an App

Step 1 - Click on the App Store icon

Step 2 - Click on Sign In at the bottom - Enter your School AppleID email address

Step 3 - Click the Redeem button.

The Redeem Code can only be used one time and will automatically start downloading the purchase app to your iPad.  Once the Redeem code has been used, the app is forever associated with this AppleID account.  It can not be transferred to another AppleID account.