Apple TV

Using Apple TV in the classroom to mirror and extend the use of the iPad can be great for teacher's and students.  The iPad can be mirrored to show apps and content in addition to being able to stream content from the iPad like music and movies.

Support Notes and Guidelines:
One challenge is getting many Apple TVs in a building to work consistently with iPads on our wireless network.  DMTS and building staff will do their best to make sure it is setup properly, but that does not guarantee reliability.  Buildings with many Apple TVs may see a decrease in performance and availability.
Our experience has shown that a Single Apple TV on the school wireless network can be very consistent, however adding more Apple TVs to a building network can cause interference and connection issues.  DMTS is continueing to explore ways to make it more consistent and reliable, but at this time there are not large scale solutions that have been found to be effective.  We are hopeful that this spring, Cisco (our network provider) will release a tool that can manage multiple Apple TVs on a large network more reliably.  Until that time, we don't promise that it will work as well as expected.  

Additional Applications to Explore.
Two alternative pieces of software have been released that replicate the AirPlay functionality of the Apple TV.  AirServer App and Reflection App can be installed on a laptop that is connected to a wireless network and then the laptop becomes the "AppleTV" to the iPad.  The iPad can then connect to the App on the laptop and mirror on its screen which is then connected to a projector.  We have seem some success and bugs when installed on Windows and more success when installed on a Mac laptop.   These Apps have promise and would be a preffered alternative to Apple TV if they prove effective.  However, they have the same networking limitations as the Apple TV itself and therefore will compete with others on the wireless network.  

Apple TV Support Options

rev. October 11, 2012

The Apple TV is supported in a limited amount for Edina Public Schools.  The challenge is that the Apple TV is a consumer device meant for home use where it is the only Apple TV on a small network with dozens of devices, not thousands.   Generally, it is pretty reliable when the wireless network is strong, uncongested and not competing with other Apple TVs.  As we are able to adjust network settings to make them work better we will.

Network Settings:  Both the Apple TV and the iPad should be connected to the “edina-legacy” network.  If you need help connecting, check with your Tech Para.  Neither the Apple TV or the iPad should be connected to Edina-Open.

AirPlay:  In Apple TV version 5.1 we have the option of using OnScreen Code for access, see article below for using the OnScreen Code.

Mirroring:  The iPad 2 and iPad 3 can mirror their display on the Apple TV, by sliding the on/off switch located under the name of the Apple TV.  Some Apps will not mirror as expected.

Streaming:  Generally, streaming video and audio is less consistent than mirroring.  If you are attempting to stream video to the Apple TV, try not mirroring first.  Start the video and choose the Apple TV as your destination for the stream.

Splashtop:  Some teachers have found success using Splashtop 2 remote from the iPad to control their computer that is connected to the projector.   This is a paid app.

Projector Control:   The button for the Apple TV input may need to be added to the teacher’s Projector Control toolbar.  In many cases, the Apple TV is connected to the RGB2 (VGA) input. ON Hitachi 417 it is most likely connected to the HDMI input.  In a few cases, the Apple TV is connected to the DVI input of the projector.  Projector remotes work well for switching inputs as well.

Apple TV: How to use AirPlay Mirroring

Using AirPlay 

Which Apps are Enabled for Video Airplay?

Apple TV Software Update notes:

Here are a couple links regarding the new features of the Apple TV when you do the software update.

How to Update Apple TV Software:
About Apple TV Software updates:

AirPlay Settings – Onscreen Code
This is great for allowing student iPads to connect to the Apple TV in your classroom securely.  This requires the iPad to be using iOS 6, you may need to update your iPad software.  Not supported on iPad 1 (Original).

Parental Controls – arranging and hiding icons on the home screen.
Remove the movie trailer and other distracting icons from the Apple TV homepage, look for “hiding icons”  Note: By default, you do not need to turn on Parental Controls to show or hide these features. If you want to prevent someone from changing these settings or accessing these features, turn on Parental Controls.