Impact Lives Activities

News Show Team

·         Team A "Do the Best that I can" Theme

o    Show the Humming Bird video (Not sure if this could be shown on the News Show, if not just mention that some classes may have already seen it, but teachers have a link to the video in their email and can show the class afterwards.)

o    Learning how others are “Doing the Best they can”

    • Give examples of what the school has done to show that it is doing the best they can. Have some students, teacher, and/or class come on to tell what they did. (Maybe limit it to 3-4 stories.
      • Lori Racek's class learning and growing plants and then making a connection to sell the plants they grew to donate to Impact Lives.
      • Isabella B, a 3rd grade student in Mr. Prowell's class who  saved money though the summer
      • Etc. What other stories could be told?


·    Highlands packing food (even though it's only one school) has influenced others acting, which has led making bigger impacts.

§  Report on the effect Highlands Impact Lives packing may have had on others. Create a diagram to show how many meals maybe really packed in one year by others influence by Highlands. Interviewing those who may know more.

·         Dan Baier: visited other schools in and out of the district

·         Julie Baker: worked with Impact Lives in the past and brought in other groups on our packing day

·         Peter Hodne: may know about all the other school in the district

·         Teachers: Some may have packed


·         Connect back to the idea of the hummingbird “doing the best that it can.”


·         Team B “A better picture of the food people eat” Theme

o    Show and discuss what is typical food amount eaten in a week from different countries around the world.

o    Point out the differences seen in the pictures.

o    Could also talk about cost difference. One idea is that if people ate healthier, it could be cheaper. Money saved could then go to help others in need.

o    Watch this video to learn about the various countries food amount eaten.

§  Italy (3:57)

§  Egypt (family of 12) (7:33)

§  Chad (Malnourish country) (9 :47)

§  USA after Chad

§  The video is for researching only and won't be shown on the News Show. However, individual pictures of families and their food seen in the video are already pulled and ready to show for News Show.




·         Team C "What happens now the food is packed?"  

·         Start with showing Haitian school day video


o    Speakers 1,2,3,4:

      • The food we pack will go to schools like the one in the video
      • Connect how they are the same as most school children and meet their basic needs the same way we do.
        • Fun Need: Games
        • Success/Power Need: Learning
        • Belonging Need: Friends putting arms around each other
        • *Survival Need: Getting a meal
          • (Many times it is the meal they get for the day.)


·         Sharing what we learned at the Impact Lives exhibit

o   Speakers 5,6,7,8:

Discuss some of the people who benefited from the meals provided by Impact Lives.

o    One goal is to get more classrooms to visit it and understand what happens to the food pack and the impact it can really have on others. Encourage classrooms to visit.