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Featured Sites:
North American Geography

Human Geography Maps

National Geographic Maps - View maps in layers

(Main plants/trees of a specific area)

Social Explore - Many maps with information about United States.
Many steps needed to explore maps, and need approval and log in information from Mr. Prowell

(Full Slideshow, slides below are only of Regions)

North American Regions

YouTube Video

YouTube Video


Compare Class' Peter Pan Blog
to WSJ Peter Pan Blog

Handwriting / Typing

YouTube Video


Learning through Multimedia

KidBlog:Room 1 Kidblog Room 2 Kidblog

Logging into Kidblog

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Novel Study
Search Sites for Kids

Biography Research

  • Factmonster Biographies
  • Grolier Encylopedia - Biographies
  • Sweet Search Biographies
  • Sqworl Collection 
  • KidRex - kid friendly search engine
  • BrainPop - Famous historical figures (need to log in)
  • BrainPop Jr. - Biographies (need to log in)
  • Google Cloud Printer Change

  • Math

    End of Year Math Review


    Perimeter & Scale:
    Theme:  Social Studies/Science

    Exploring our Theme Unit on Water
    Ganges from


    Turning Waste into Water

    BrainPop Videos: login: edinaps pw:edina

    BrainPop Water Pollution

    BrainPop Water Supply

    BrainPop Water Cycle


    YouTube Video

    YouTube Video

    Focus Questions
    Why would people practice Ice Harvesting?

    What would they do with all that ice?

    Do they still do it today, why or why not?

    How would Ice Harvesting link to our next theme study on water?

    YouTube Video

    Explore a couple of ice harvesting websites.

    Option 1:  
    Looking at the pictures, come up with 
    sequence of the harvesting the ice by using a Thinking Map. 

    Option 2: 
    Along with the pictures, look at some of the things written (read first sentence of paragraphs). 
    Make a different Thinking Map 
    describing ice harvesting.


    Matter and Energy


    Notes to Take
    1) Go to the next blank page in your theme notebook to take notes. 
    2) Watch the video
    3) Be sure to pause when you need to copy down notes in your theme notebook
    Suggestion: Pause after each description of a unit in measurement

    While there is no need to change the Jeopardy slides, you are opening the file using a teacher tool website and have the ability can change the items on the slides. Don't worry, you will not change the file others will see. Everything is interactive. By starting on the second slide, you can click on the numbers to go to the questions, and then use the clickable words to navigate back to the question board. Good luck and email me if you have any questions.

    To Review for Measurement Science Test:
    Download the two measurement files at bottom of page.
     Anashinabe Web Project: 

     Room 1 Group 1        Room 1 Group 2        Room 2 Ojibwe        Room 2 Anishinabe

    Ancient Civilizations

    Ancient India

    Brain Pop: Egyptian Pheros

    Interactive Maps: Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt

    Brain Pop: Ancient Mesopotamia (including Sumeria) and Ancient Egypt

    MCA Math Practice
    Please have your child practice at home before the Math tests by doing the activities below.
    Need to use Internet Explore as your web browser

    Class activity with MCA Sample Questions on Socrative (Prowell)
    (Paper version PDF file attached at the very bottom of the screen. Answers are on the last page.)
    For certain problems you can use a calculator. 
    Try Chrome Calculator to get use to a computer screen calculator

    These are math practice sites that also allows you to choose which grade level 4 to practice. (Select computer based option for online practice.) 
    It is similar in format to the MCA test (toolbar included etc.) Results are provided at the end of the practice session. There are also printable resources if you’re interested.
    4) Vocabulary Review and Games
    The MCA includes new vocabulary words that the kids need to be familiar with. Click here for vocabulary practice.
    Click here for the second set of vocabulary activities.
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