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Remote VPN and Direct Access

If you need access to district resources from outside campus you have a couple of options.

The simplest option if you have a Windows based district laptop is to open a help desk ticket to get Microsoft Direct Access set up on your district laptop prior to needing access and while you are still on campus. Once direct access is set up, it will connect automatically for you in the background once you leave the school district and connect to another internet connection. Then, you will be able to access resources as if you were sitting at your desk. This is the preferred remote access method as it requires no interaction on your part.

To get access:
  1. Create a help desk ticket requesting direct access be added to your laptops
  2. We will push an update to your laptop and provide further instructions
Another option is using the Fortigate SSL VPN via a web browser. Please follow these instructions to access. Access Drive Letters via SSL VPN Web Portal. Direct Access is still the prefered method of accessing off-site content and drive letters.