Google Classroom


Google Classroom is a new way to make your class more Googley. It wraps up the power of Drive and Google Apps into an easy-to-use package that will save you time and improve the student experience. Best of all it is a student-centered digital space that helps them stay informed, organised, on-task and gives them time to explore projects and assignments more deeply. This is a hands-on session in which you will take on the role of a student or a teacher and participate in your own Google Classroom. Together we will explore possible uses and also provide feedback directly to the Classroom team at Google on how they can make the product better suit our educational needs.

Google Classroom an Intro...uction and Best Practices

Presentation thanks to Aaron Svoboda

Google Classroom Presentation


Once you have handed out your assignment via Google Classroom and the students have opened them, you can grade them using Goobric.

Goobric is an online rubric that you can create using Google Spreadsheets.

  • Goobric makes the rubric-scoring of Drive assignments easier...
  • Allows rubric scoring from a browser popup window -- a seamless, paperless workflow!
  • Records all scores in a "RubricScores" sheet in your spreadsheet
  • Pastes the rubric grid and scores into the bottom of assignments (works only in Google Documents)
  • Auto-calculates average or latest score for each student in your Doctopus roster.
  • Emails rubric scores to students (optional)
  1. Watch this video on Goobric with Google Classroom
  2. Hand out the assignment using Google Classroom
  3. Create a Google Spreadsheet as your Goobric/Rubric - Example - Keep cell A1 blank
  4. Start from a blank spreadsheet and install the Add-On Doctopus
  5. Launch Doctopus and follow the directions on the side screen
  6. Install the Goobric Chrome Extension if you haven't already.
  7. Authorize the Goobric web app
  8. When choosing a Roster - select Ingest from Google CR Assignment
  1. Follow the prompts and your spreadsheet will be created
  2. Attach a Goobric
  3. Open each document from the spreadsheet and click on the Goobric one eyed monster extension in your omin box
  4. Grade the assignment by filling out the Goobric
  5. The spreadsheet will collect the scores you enter into the Goobric