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Moodle 2.0

Moodle for Beginners

This is an amazing tool to bring web 1.0 and 2.0  tools to your classroom. 
It is a way to be proactive in assignments and to carry out discussions after class has ended.
You can create on-line quizzes
Upload assignments
In essense, this tool allows you to make a virtually paperless class where students are active and interactive in your class when students are sick, absent or just home for the evening.
Our agenda:
  1. Overview of Moodle
  2. Range of Use
  3. Log On and Find Course
  4. Editing on and off
  5. Switching Roles
  6. Settings
    1. Format-Topic or Weekly
    2. Help
    3. Groups
    4. Enrollment Key
  7. Groups
    1. Enrollment Key
  8. Editing a topic/week
  9. Add Resources
    1. Link to a File or Site
    2. Upload Files
    3. Add an image
  10. Add Activities
    1. Forum
    2. Glossary
    3. Assignment
    4. Journal
  11. Pedagogy
  • Expectations for communication with parents regarding online activities
  • What instruction is appropriate to deliver online and when should it be face to face
  • When do students do their work and how long do we give them to complete asynchronous learning (Equity issues)
When you leave, you will have enough information to get your Moodle class up and running for the year.
Moodle Intermediate/Advanced

Enhance your existing Moodle course and learn tips and tricks from one another!

Our Agenda:

Enhancing Resources:

  • Embedding
  • Enhancing content
  • Linking within Moodle
  • Adding Web 2.0 Content

Enhancing Activities:

  • Chat
  • Quizes
  • Lessons
  • Data Bases
  • Additional How To Videos from New Prague TIS Shawn Brandt
  • In this post, Thomas Robb explains why he likes Moodle, and shares some tips including the integration of "Hot Potatoes," software that allows you to create interactive Web activities and embed them into Moodle.
  • This video gives some good examples of how to liven up your Moodle course:
  • In his post, "Five Game Changing Activities Using Moodle" Patrick Malley gives some great tips for using Moodle with students beyond a discussion board.
  • Here is the official "Teaching with Moodle" site, including inspiring links and video tutorials.
  • Moodlerific.org is a blog devoted to all things Moodle.
  • Shawn Wheeler has developed a Multimedia in Moodle Course that you can get ideas from with Guest Access.
  • Using Moodle online textbook-The Moodle Bible!
  • Miguel Guilin, a Technology Coordinator in Texas has a great article with tips to enhance your Moodle Course. Scroll down to the section on Expanding Moodle's Capabilities.
  • Cathy Moore put this presentation on e-learning that has many applicable tips regarding Moodle:

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