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iDevices - iPads and iTouch in the Clasroom

iPads and iTouch  in the Classroom
Come and learn how iDevices (iTouch and iPad) can be used with the students.  

iOS in the classroom resource website
Links and Lists of Apps, Ideas and resources

Activity #1
Creating Apple ID iTunes account and signing into App Store
Differentiate between an Institutional Apple ID and Personal Apple ID
Join iOS Users group in Moodle

Activity #2
Basics of the iPad and mechanics
Wi-Fi basics in Edina

Activity #3
DropBox Setup and use
Google Search App for Docs
See Jen Legatt's Class outline for ideas to explore later on
Where are all the resources?

Activity #4
Research Groups  (Get started searching here if needed:  http://edtechteacher.org/index.php/teaching-technology/mobile-technology-apps/ipad-as )
  • Note Taking App
  • Screencasting App
  • Research App
  • Content Area App
  • Audio Recording App
  • Book Reading Listening App
  • Student Response App
Activity #5
More resources and people to follow on Twitter

Bonus Activity #6
For those familiar with iPads and looking at sharing iPads in the classroom.....Collect resources and suggestions on our Sharing iPads page.