Technology continues to play a critical role in the district achieving its mission.  Indeed, the role of technology in the 21st century has only increased.  Education trends of personalized learning, ubiquitous access to information and learning opportunities, multi-media digital content, instant access to data, and cheaper/smaller technology, are just a few examples on how technology impacts our ability to achieve our mission.

In addition to these changes, the increasing rate of technology change has an impact as well.  The concept of Moore’s law, states that the rate of technological change is that of doubling every two years.  Not only is this an incredible rate of change, but when this change occurs in the relatively slow rate of change that is American education, the impact is even more disruptive. 

After months of work, input from various stakeholders, and dialogue about what we value, I would like to present the Edina Public Schools 2015 Technology Plan.  To view the pdf click on the image below.
I feel proud of the work we have done to create this road map for technology in our schools and would like to thank all the people who served on the Design Team, the Input Team, and my staff, for making this document a reality.

And of course, the conversation is not done.  If you have a comment or suggestion please send me an email or use the feedback form on the left.

Finally, I am confident that as a district we have a solid direction for moving forward and I can't wait to continue leading and learning with technology.


Steve Buettner
Director of Media and Technology
Edina Public Schools

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