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Syllabus for: Language Arts 8

Reading -- Students will read and study the following:

drama, The Diary of Anne Frank, Goodrich and Hackett

novel, Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury

novel, Of Beetles and Angels, Mawi Asgedom

novel, Call Me Maria, Judith Ortiz Cofer

novel,choice of eight young adult novels set in dystopian societies

novel,choice of eight young adult novels with coming of age themes


nonfiction essaysfrom America Now, Bedford St. Martin’s

In addition, students will also read independently selected books throughout the year.  Studentswill demonstrate that they have completed their assigned reading through reading logs, class discussions, and individual conferences. Students will regularly have time in class to read.  Our goal for independent reading is to encourage students’ reading lives outside of school. 

Writing -- Students will write almost every day in their writer’s notebooks.  Major writing assignments will include the following:  two argument essays, a narrative (fractured fairy tale,) and a literary analysis essay (explanatory essay).  In addition to these major pieces of writing, students will write several in-class thesis-driven essays.  As the year progresses, students will compile their completed writing assignments in their writing portfolios, which remain in class so students can reflect on their growth as writers. 


Other activities -- Students will work cooperatively in activities such as literature circles, dramatic presentations, and peer editing groups.  They will frequently participate in small and large group class discussions, including Paideia seminars. Also, they will give oral presentations for the purpose of persuading and informing their classmates.  Students will study vocabulary and learn grammar through weekly Moodle assignments. 



Students’ grades will be determined by daily preparation, homework, quizzes, tests, writing assignments, and projects.  For major projects and writing assignments, students will receive a rubric in advance indicating how they will be graded.  

Quarter grades will be calculated as follows: 

            Formative assessments (practice of a skill or standard):  10% of grade

            Summative assessments (evidence of mastery of a skill or standard):  90% of grade


Required Materials

Each student will need the following items in class every day:

            --          assignment planner/agenda

--          lined paper and pen/pencil

--          notebook to use as Writer’s Notebook

--          independent reading book

--          Post it notes to use for annotating assigned texts

--          your own laptop/Chromebook


Class Expectations

Respect:  Students are expected to treat all class members and their teacher with respect.  Students must also take care of school property.

Responsibility:  Students are responsible for their own success in the class.

Readiness:  Students must come to class on time with all materials.  Above all, students should come to class ready to participate – ready to learn, read, write, think, speak, and listen.


Class Policies

Late homework assignments (formative assessments) will not be accepted.


Long-term assignments (summative assessments) will be accepted late with points for each day late.


Students should get in the habit of using both School View (to check grades) and Moodle (to view upcoming assignments). 


Students should not bring cell phones, backpacks, purses, food, or drinks to class.


Students should come to class on time.  After the third tardy, a student will receive a call home.  After the fifth tardy, students will receive a detention.


Students should ask to use the bathroom or visit their locker before class begins.  If the need arises after the start of class, and the timing is appropriate, a student will need to ask for permission to leave and use one of the blue laminated passes at the front of the room.


When a student fails to show mastery of the Common Core standards on major writing assignments (summative assessments), he or she will have the option of rewriting and resubmitting that assignment after a conference with the teacher.










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