See your child’s artwork on - the world’s largest kids’ art museum!



·        View the artwork of your child and share the link with out-of-town family & friends so they can see the masterpieces your child has created during art class. 


Find out more about how the program works with this youtube video:

·        Order items featuring your child’s artwork including mugs, stickers, key chains, postcards, t-shirts, and even quilt squares!


·        Great gifts for any occasion! 


·        20% of your purchase goes directly to the Creek Valley Elementary Art Budget to help us buy supplies to continue creating these beautiful works of art. 


·        Images are stored on the site until your child graduates from High School.  The online portfolio will grow each year your child is at Creek Valley.


·        Special Thanks to our parent volunteers that have been helping take photos of artwork and uploading images to the website!!  


Contact Kari Hagen with any questions.

952-848-3238 or