Peer Observation

Notify your instructional coach when the observation will occur, and invite your instructional coach to the post-observation discussion.



  • An opportunity to engage in reflective, professional conversation



  • Identify which performance areas/descriptors will be present during the observation and what they will look like
  • Identify what, in addition to the descriptors, you would like noted during the observation
  • Preview to the lesson/activity to be observed
  • Decide how information should be collected to be useful to you after the observation



  • Teacher has the opportunity to summarize impressions of the lesson and student learning
  • Observer may pose reflective questions such as:
    • How do you think it went?
    • How did students react to the lesson? Why?
    • What surprised you during this lesson?
    • What comparisons might you make between the lesson you planned and the one you taught?
    • What did you do to make this a successful learning experience for students?
    • What learning do you want to take with you to future situations?
    • How might you apply this new learning?
  • Share ideas, instructional strategies, observations
  • Discuss each descriptor identified prior to the observation
    • How was the descriptor in evidence?
    • How does intentional thinking about the descriptor influence practice?



Elizabeth Sandvick,
Jan 4, 2012, 9:23 AM