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Welcome to 7th grade Social Studies or 6th and 8th grade Learning to Study Effectively!!! 

About Me: I have not been working in the district long, I am a Woodbury High School Grad, I recently graduated from St. Cloud State University and have loved being apart of this School District. I am passionate about Social Studies and helping young people meet their potential.

In 7th grade we will be taking a trip through American History, starting with the expansion of America immediately following the Revolutionary War and ending with the closest we can make it to current day! In class we will be reading and interacting with primary and secondary resources, while integrating technology along the way using the iPad. There is no textbooks and students will need to get their resources and information from Schoology.

In 6th and 8th grade Learning to Study Effectively we will be learning the best well kept secrets of effective students. We will be using the "Top 20 Teens" curriculum to learn how to be more effective Thinkers, Learners, and Communicators. You can find all the resources for this class in Schoology. 

Contact Information 

Email: 651-245-6923
Phone: mcattera@sowashco.org 

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Schoology Codes 
Hour 1:BFRT2-64TSN

Hour 2:2D7MS-RDDMJ

Hour 4:229W6-29ZW6

Hour 5:CGFSC-X3FR5

Hour 6:KB3H8-S35Z9