Virgin and Wenner

"Prepare your child for the path, not the path for the child."
Welcome to the home page for Mrs. Virgin and Mrs. Wenner, third grade teachers.
We will update this site weekly.


Mrs. Wenner     8:00-12:00

Mrs. Virgin         12:00-3:30 

*You may call our classroom, 651-425-5886, before or after school hours. Student school hours are 8:40-3:10. You may also leave a voicemail or e-mail during school hours or in the evening.  IF YOU NEED TO REACH US ABOUT A CHANGE ON HOW YOUR CHILD IS GETTING HOME ON A SPECIFIC DAY, PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE, 651-425-5801, AND HAVE THE ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT REACH US DIRECTLY! We are not always able to check our e-mail or phone messages before the end of the day.


Schedule for Virgin/Wenner

Mrs. Wenner will teach mathematics, social studies, science and health in the morning. Mrs. Virgin will teach literacy in the afternoon.

Mrs. Wenner

8:25 first bell

8:40 school starts

8:40-9:05 morning meeting

9:05-9:50 math

9:50-10:50 prep (see below for prep schedule)

10:50-11:20 math

11:20-11:50 social studies/science/health

Mrs. Virgin

11:50-12:20 intervention time

12:20-12:40 recess

12:40-1:00 lunch

1:00-1:10 break

1:10-2:30 reading workshop

2:30-3:00 writing workshop

3:00-3:10 clean up

3:10 dismissal

Mrs. Virgin teaches Reading Recovery in the morning. 651-425-5890