Newport Pre-K

    Welcome to Pre- K at Newport Elementary!  This is the beginning of many exciting milestones for you and your child.  In pre-k the children come in eager and ready to learn.  They are so excited about coming to school and becoming a "big kid".  
    During Pre-K our students will learn the basics of reading, math, social studies, science and health.  We will also learn and practice positive social interactions. Throughout the year, we will refer to the life cycle of a butterfly to help us understand the importance of the transformation process of becoming school ready.   They come in as caterpillars in their beginning stages of school and learning, and leave as beautiful butterflies ready to fly into Kindergarten! 
    We will work hard to ignite a life long love for learning in each and every one of our Pre-K students.  By building that foundation, we will set them on a path for success in their future ahead!