Student Literacy Council Mission Statement

Student Literacy Council promotes literacy, which includes reading and writing through events like PAWS Day (Pick a Worthwhile Selection.) We host events that are very fun at our school, including READ t-shirts, Gobble Grams, Lake's Got Talent, and Poetry Month. The council members also help with various activities like the PTA sponsored book fairs. Our event list is always expanding and changing, which helps keep the events fun and interesting.

There are four committees in the SLC: Sales, Announcements, Art, and Archives. Sales sells items during fundraising events, Announcements spread news about SLC via the morning announcements, Art creates posters/flyers for the events, and Archives records all of the events through pictures and videos.

We are looking for responsible, trustworthy, and hardworking students who share our love of literacy and would enjoy participating in the SLC. Typically we meet about 2 times a month but sometimes the commitment requires a bit more time during our big events. What we value is the kind of member who can contribute to the council in an active, ongoing way. 

If you are interested in joining the SLC, submit a completed application to Mrs. McGinty, Room A124. Please find an application on the file cabinet page or click below.

Lori McGinty,
Jun 9, 2019, 3:21 PM