Sra. Martinez Home

Welcome Class 2018-2019
Bienvenidos Clase 2018-2019 

Sra. Johanna Martinez
Rooms 216-212
Phone: 651- 425- 5465
Hours:M-F 7:30am-8:20am; 3:05pm-3:30pm

9th Grade- Geography
10th Grade- World History
11th Grade- History of the Americas
11th Grade- Literature
12th Grade- Capstone

Instructions for Schoology:

**Important: parent and student log-in pages online are different!**

Parent Log-In:

Student Log-In:

Students going to                                                 All students should go to every single time

Students enter e-mail address                                                                    Enter district issued username only every single time

Students try to log in without entering code                                         Students must enter Code:  833 every single time

Students using the Schoology app                                                             Students need to type in into the white text 

                                                                                                                                Box each time they log in through the app