Armstrong Student Support Team

Welcome to the Armstrong Special Services web page! Our group encompasses a broad range of services to address unique educational needs of all Armstrong students.Additional information can be found at the links to the left by teacher.
The Armstrong Student Support Team (SST) is the screening / management team for individual students who are involved in mainstream education and have a need for support services.  Once per week, our SST reviews identified concerns and serves as a vehicle for facilitating positive change and / or appropriate referrals. 
Many students evidence a need for support services to optimize their educational growth.  The SST meets on a regular basis to address the needs of those students.  The team facilitates the participation of parents and school/community support agencies to assist students in being successful in school.  The team's knowledgeable about a continuum of options for students and families who need additional assistance.  The team is able to plan for both preventive and remedial programs and services that help create and maintain a positive learning environment where students acquire needed competencies.  The team monitors outcomes of interventions and referrals for all student cases.