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Welcome to the google site for Mrs. Krenz's freshman and sophomore social studies courses. Please navigate to the course in which you are enrolled for detailed information on the course, its calendar, and more.

Contact Information

Ms. Sarah Krenz

Room 222 Policies & Procedures

Students will meet these four simple expectations to create a safe, positive, and rewarding learning environment:
  • Be prompt
  • Be prepared
  • Be productive
  • Be polite
Additionally, students in all courses are expected to follow the guidelines listed below in order to be successful.


Attending class every day is essential to your success.  Please follow the steps below when an excused absence due to illness, activity or family situation occurs:
  1. If you are aware of the absence ahead of time, check with your teacher and collect any materials or assignments necessary.
  2. If the absence is unexpected, check with your teacher as soon as you return to collect any materials or assignments necessary.
  3. Be prepared to turn in any previously assigned work and/or complete scheduled assessments upon your return.
Grading Policies

Grade Components: Grades are compiled based on both formative and summative assessments, with summative assessments being weighed more heavily.  AP courses will receive a weighted grade using a 1.2 multiplier.

Due Dates:  Students are expected to submit work at the beginning of the class period on the assigned due date, unless alternate arrangements have been made between the teacher and student prior to the due date.

Late Work: Any work not turned in at the beginning of the class period on the assigned due date will be considered late and eligible for a maximum of 50% credit.

Missing Work: Any missing work will be given zero credit until it is turned in.  No missing work will be accepted after the last day of the trimester.

Extra Credit:  No extra credit will be offered.  Be prepared to perform at your highest ability on all assignments and assessments.

Grading Scale

 Grade A A-B+ B B- C+ C    C- D+ D D- F
Minimum Percent 93 90 87 83 80 77 73 70 67 63 60 0

Course Credit

Students must earn a D- or above in order to receive credit for any course at Woodbury High School.  Successful completion of both freshman and sophomore social studies courses is required to graduate.  

Academic Honesty

Cheating and plagiarism are prohibited at Woodbury High School.  Students who cheat or commit plagiarism on any assignment or assessment will receive zero credit and are subject to discipline in accordance with the school's Academic Honesty Policy.

Electronic Devices

The Woodbury High School electronics policy allows the use of electronic devices at the discretion of the teacher when they facilitate the learning process.  Our classroom is equipped with iPads, the use of which is a privilege that can be revoked at any time.