Red Rock Physical Education

Welcome to Red Rock Phy Ed! We have included some links to websites offering fun facts about fitness and staying healthy.  Have fun browsing and remember to exercise and  play for at least one hour per day! 


Becca Skaar


2017-18 Classes:
Mrs. Donnelly
Mrs. McGrane
Mrs. Wetschka
Mrs. J. Johnson
Mrs. Walz
Mr. Hall
Mrs. Nelson
Ms. Storlie
Ms. C. Johnson
Mrs. Swenson

Phil McDermott

2017-18 Classes:
Mrs. Bohan
Mrs. Morris
Mrs. Taylor
Mrs. Holper
Ms. Sampson
Mrs. Ahern
Mrs. Loppnow
Ms. Beekman
Mrs. Frovold
Mrs. Munson


Cindy Harmer

2017-18 Classes:
Mrs. Smock
Mr. Brandwein