Purpose of Royal Design:

Royal Design was created to provide work experience for students who are in Woodbury High School special education program. This program emphasizes work experience , self advocacy, social skills as well as communication

What Royal Design Does:

Royal Design makes Cut-outs, Magnets, Vinyl, Awards,Buttons and Bumper Stickers

How Royal Design Can Help You:

If you are looking for a great way to award students, athletes or other individuals, we have inexpensive great looking awards. We can make bulletin boards of all different kinds and themes. We can create Vinyl Awards, Bumper Stickers, and Magnets for your sports teams and clubs. We can create awards and bulletin boards for teachers and students.

An example of a bumper sticker might be My Child is a Member of the National Honor Society at Woodbury High School, with the school logo.
Please go to the Products File Cabinet in  left column to check out all the products we can make for you.