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Media Center Routines
Your student in grades K-5 will have at least two opportunities to visit the Media Center each week.  They will come with their class for book check-out once a week on their scheduled day (Day 1, Day 2, etc.)  Their check-out day will change following any days off.  Their classroom teacher should notify them of their new check-out day, or give us a call and we'll be happy to check the schedule for you.  Remember, the current Day is always displayed on the home page of the Red Rock Website as well.
In addition to check-out, your student will come in usually once per week for computer lab activities.  Mrs. Larsen and the classroom teachers collaborate and plan these activities to coordinate classroom content and technology skills for authentic learning opportunities.  
Students may also come to the Media Center any time throughout the school day, with their teacher's permission, to check out books.  We are always open!  We also offer book check-out from 7:40-7:55 each day as students are entering the building, and again at the end of the school day until 2:40 (provided students are not taking the bus home). 
We look forward to a great year of fabulous books and amazing technology! Come check us out!

Google Apps and your student
Students in grades 3-5 are being introduced to Google Apps, a way to create and share documents online. They will receive their user name and password.  To access, click on the Google Apps link under Students on the Red Rock home page.  When signing on, they must use this format:

They should type in their user name just as it appears on their info sticker and include the "" after it.  For their password, the first letter is capitalized.  Once logged in, they can access their saved documents by clicking on Drive.  This allows students and teachers to work on activities from anywhere that they can access the internet!  They no longer need to transfer documents to a flash drive to take home for further work.  

Please note: Google Apps is to be used strictly for academic purposes. Anything created in Google Apps must be school-appropriate. Teachers and administrators have access to all student accounts at any time.  Please review your on-line expectations for your students at home and feel free to view anything in their account.  

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