Mr. Peterson                                    2018-19

8th Grade Earth Science (Hours 2, 6-8)
7th Grade Life Science (Hours 4 & 5)

Science School Supplies:
Science Notebook: Students need either a spiral notebook OR section of loose-leaf paper in your regular binder. Completely optional, but very helpful and appreciated, are  kleenex, paper towels and extra school supplies.

Schoology is an online learning platform providing one access to all your classes. It has a Calendar/Daily Schedule and access to assignments, test/quizzes and necessary resources (notes, worksheet, lab, power-point, etc.). 

When you're absent: Check Schoology (see above) first, then see me if you have any questions. This is a great way to keep pace and even get things done before you return!

Contacting Me: Please feel free to contact me. The most efficient way is through email at ppeters2@sowashco.org If you would like to leave a Voice Message, my phone number is 651-425-6759 (NOTE: Outside calls do not ring into the class during school hours.)

Grading Policy:
80% - Tests & Quizzes: A BIG part of a students' grade and important to be prepared and do well the first time. (aka - Summative Assessment)
20% - Science Portfolio: An organized collection of daily student work to check learning progress and improve student achievement  (aka - Formative Assessment)

Test RETAKE Policy:
It is important to prepare your best the FIRST time. Test Retakes are an opportunity to improve low test scores. Any score below 70% will REQUIRE a retake.  Students must complete the Retake assignment, if there is one, spend time reviewing the material again (Bellringer Notes) and schedule a time before or after school with me to retake the test. There is no penalty for trying, since we always take the higher score. You may retake multiple times if necessary. (No Monday afternoons-Staff meetings)

Overnight Textbook Checkout: We have a classroom set of hard-copy McGraw-Hill I-Science textbooks. Students are always welcome to check out a hard-copy textbook overnight, as long as they return it at the beginning of the following day; since it is a classroom set. In some cases, it may be possible to check a book out for extended periods of time.

MCA SCIENCE TESTING is in May 2019 and is comprehensive (includes Physical, Life & Earth Science).
It is important to do your best!!!
Try the MCA Science Sampler by following the link below:

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