Washington D.C. trip 2017 (for 7th graders in 2016-17)

Please complete the two forms below:

Here is the other form that I had asked students to fill out in May: Group Request form

Registration deadline was Jan. 15th, 2017.  If you missed the deadline, you can still register and if there are spots available you will be added to trip or added to a waitlist.  If added to a waitlist and are unable to attend because there is not enough space, all monies will be refunded.  

Here is a copy of the presentation that Ms. Lamar used when she presented to parents.

To register online: click here and input this trip id: 8281

To register by fax: 713-973-1223 - Here is the registration form.

Current 7th grade students of Lake Middle School are invited to attend the 8th grade Washington DC trip.  The students register for the trip in 7th grade and attend Washington DC in the fall of their 8th grade year.  The registration deadline: Jan. 15, 2017.

The dates of the trip are October 16, 2017 through October 19, 2017.  The total cost of the trip is $1581, it is all-inclusive.  To register you have to pay $99 and that will go towards the total cost of the trip.  The remaining balance can then be paid in full or in payment installments.  For more information about School Tours of America, please visit their website

The trip was presented to students on Monday Nov. 14, 2016.  A copy of what was sent home with students in the promotional envelope can be found here: Registration Information

If you have any questions, please contact Prudence Lamar, trip coordinator and 7th grade social studies teacher at plamar@sowashco.org

Once students are registered for the trip, students and parents will need to sign a school year behavior form (please see below). Copies of the form will be provided to students from Ms. Lamar.  Medical, behavior and roommate request forms will be issued next fall in September at the start of 8th grade year.    Students will not formally request roommates until next September.

 If you have any questions about the trip or about your billing, please feel free to contact me, Prudence Lamar, before contacting Student Tours of America.  My e-mail is plamar@sowashco.org

Here is a link to my site associated with the tour company.

Group Request form

Wreath Laying 2016 video

Wreath Laying 2015 video

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