Washington D.C. trip 2020 (for 8th graders in 2020-21)

Information for current 7th grade students will be coming soon.  This is for current 8th grade students.

Washington D.C. Trip Re-registration 

Who: Current 8th graders

What: Washington D.C. Trip (attempt #2)

When: Aug. 19-22, 2021

Cost: $1,799 (you get $$ credit f/cancelled trip)

Re-registration deadline: Feb. 4, 2021

Final payment : May 21, 2021

Register online at www.schooltoursofamerica.com

Trip number # 9542

Questions: plamar@sowashco.org

Fine print: Must have at least 35 students for trip to take place

More details/helpful info:

  • SchoolToursOfAmerica.com (input trip number 9542 and departure date 8/19/2021)
  • TRIP ID#: 9542 
  • Total Cost = $1799 if by February 4th 
  • Minimum Amount to register = $99 (and cancelled participants will get the $99 they lost towards trip cost)
  • Payment Protection Plan (PPP) is $239 extra & optional
  • August 19-22, 2021  [4 days and 3 nights]
  • School Tours of America Customer Service #:  1-866-543-9625

To register: https://forms.schooltoursofamerica.com/registration/  OR go to www.schooltoursofamerica.com and on the home page top right click on Register and Register for Tour.  Fill out the form and agree to terms and conditions (this is where you chose the Payment Protection Plan (PPP) or not.  If you do not choose "no." the extra cost of $239 will be added to the cost of your trip.  The cost of a t-shirt is $20 and is optional.

For payment plans, you will have 3 options

1. to pay in full now with Credit Card ($1,799)

or register with a minimum of $99 down and use:

2. EZPay=no fees, no invoice but it tells you how many payments can be made and how much each payment will be.  You'll receive an email from STA to confirm they received payment.  OR  

3. optional payment coupons - but it will have a $6.00 fee per payment except the registration fee and final payment.

Article describing how group travel works (click to open link)

Things that were covered/explained at parent meeting:

The trip is all-inclusive.  Click here to see the list of sites that students visited during the 2018 trip.  To register you have to pay the minimum registration payment of $99 which will go towards the total cost of the trip.  The remaining balance can then be paid in full or in payment installments.  Or you can pay in full at the time of registration.   For more information about School Tours of America, please visit their website.   

Once registered, there will be a processing period of approximately 21 days, then you should receive a "Welcome" packet with your participant ID number.  Once you have your ID number, you can set up your "FundMyTour" account.  Participants must create an online account to make payments, payments made not using the online account will incur a fee.  The online account is free.

The trip was presented to students on Monday Nov. 12, 2018.  Promotional material letter and registration can be found by clicking here: 

All students registered for the Washington, D.C. trip will be held to these behavior guidelines (click to read) from the time they register for the trip until the morning of the trip on Oct. 12, 2020.  Registering for the trip binds the student to this behavior contract. 

Medical, trip behavior and roommate request forms will be completed at a parent and student meeting to be determined.

If you have any questions about the trip or about your billing, please feel free to contact Prudence Lamar, trip coordinator and 7th grade social studies teacher at plamar@sowashco.org, before contacting Student Tours of America or the front office of Lake Middle School. 

Detailed information regarding the trip will only be sent via e-mail to parents/guardians of trip participants or through U.S.P.S. from School Tours of America.  

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