Unit 11 WWII

TEST ON WWII will be on Monday May 22nd: Students should review Cornell notes using the fold over method, study vocab terms using Quizlet and review any and all notes and assignments on WWII.  Here is an alternative test review, but the readers guide questions/Cornell is the best study tool to use. 
Here is an overview video on WWII (you must login with school user id and password)

5/1/17: Homework - Read Ch. 27 sect. 1 and complete Cornell questions 1-4 and reading How did Hitler Happen?
5/2/17: Homework - Read Ch. 27 sect. 2 and complete Cornell questions 1-11
5/3/17: Cornell questions section 1 and section 2 due at start of class.  Lecture and notes.
5/4/17: Lecture/Notes and answers from Thursday in class
5/8/17: WWII Vocabulary activity in class.  Homework - read Ch. 27 section 3: Americans in War (due by Tues.)
5/9/17: Check-up quiz on Socrative (if absent - still need to take).  Notes on Ch. 27:3 & Civil Liberties.  Homework study WWII terms using quizlet or pictoword chart.
5/11/17: NewsCasts from the Homefront (due at end of class on 
                    Monday 5/15)
5/12/17: HW Sect 4 reading and Cornell due Tues. 5/23.  Work time for Newscasts
5/15/17: Show Newscasts - students take notes on newscasts.  Sect. 5 Cornell due Thursday
5/16/17: Lecture/notes/primary sources - Sect. 4 answers
5/17/17: Lecture/notes/primary sources. 
    Section 5 Cornell Due - SECTION 5 Answers
5/19/17: Go over Atlas questions and sect 5 and finish up loose ends - test will be Monday 5/22 - can use 1 side of 1 regular sized notecard.  The best way to study is fold-over method using Cornell notes and rereading the Chart from sect 1 with the leaders.  Also, use the Quizlet.