Each month students will need to complete two Current Event analysis sheets (read 2 news stories and analyze the two stories).  The monthly due dates are on the social studies calendar and the 7th grade calendar.

News resources: 

  • Find 2 articles/stories (use a newspaper, magazine, online news source, etc.).
  • Read it and Read it again (it must be a story or the transcript of a story - no video)
  • The story must be appropriate 
  • Complete the graphic organizer for both articles.
  • List the source (name of paper, magazine, online source) AND the author (the person who wrote it)
  • What category does it fit in? You have to have 2 different categories for your two stories.
  • Research the author for reliability and possible bias (google). List what the actual bias is on the graphic organizer worksheet, do not just say there is bias.  Ex. if a person works for NFL, they may take the side of the NFL; if a person works for Lake Middle School, they will likely have a positive bias towards LMS.  Do not just say yes or no in this section of the graphic organizer.

A copy of the analysis graphic organizer sheet is below.
Prudence Lamar,
Oct 11, 2017, 11:16 AM