PD Express is the online program used to:
  • Manage all in-district professional development
  • Retain a transcript for relicensure purposes
  • Record ATPPS individual plan
  • Propose and manage registration for in-district professional development at the site level
PD Express can be accessed at:
Is there an error in your PD Express record?
To correct any errors please email Brian Boothe at bboothe@sowashco.org with a detailed description of the issue.

All 833 licensed staff members have access to PD Express.
  • ID: email username (part that comes before the @ sign)
  • Password:  same as email
*Please note that the special characters of %, ', ; and a space cannot be used in passwords. If a user has set a password with one of these characters they will not have access to PD Express.  In order to access PD Express in this situation, the user must reset their password.

Because of the way we have set-up PD Express, it is NOT possible to have your password emailed to you.

Guest accounts are available in PD Express.  Guests choose their own ID and password.  All accounts must be approved before access is granted.  Once approval is given you will receive an email with your ID and password. In the event you forget your password, guests can have their passwords emailed to them.


If you are planning on offering professional development for CEU's at your site, please follow this process.

1. Suggest a Course in PD Express

Video - How to suggest a course through PD Express

Suggest a Course

2. Wait for confirmation that the course has been added to PD Express.
3. Advertise the course to your colleagues and ensure that ALL PARTICIPANTS register for the course through PD Express by the START of the training.
4. After the course, submit attendance through PD Express.

Video - How to take attendance through PD Express

Taking Attendance