Home of the Oltman Choirs

  • Our first concert is on Thursday, December 20th in the Oltman Middle School Auditorium   
  • Our final concert is on Thursday, May 30th, 2019 in the Oltman Middle School (Gymnasium)
  • We hold three mini-concerts in one night; 6th grade at 6pm (call time at 5:50), 7th grade at 6:45pm (call time 6:35pm), and 8th Grade at 7:30 (call time 7:20pm).
  • For our concerts, we wear an Oltman Choir T-Shirt and black long pants.  This is an Oltman Music Department policy.
  • Make sure to examine the concert attendance policy.
Schoology is where all assignments are located (and graded); student music is located in Showbie.   All final and mid-term grades are reported via Infinite Campus (Parent Portal).