Ms. O'Driscoll- Business Education

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On this site you will find general information regarding the classes I teach (located in the file cabinet).  Most day to day information will be found on the course Moodle pages.  Students enrolled in particular classes should enroll in the Moodle class they are registered for to get daily information.  

Testing policy - Students at risk of failing the course may take advantage of a reassessment.  This opportunity will be addressed by the teacher on an individual basis and should be resolved within a week of the original assessment. Students should be prepared for a written opportunity and not just a test retake.  This reassessment may be completed on one assessment during the trimester. 

Entrepreneurship  - Daily work will be located on the Moodle Site 

Sports and Entertainment Marketing - Daily work will be located on the Moodle Site

Intro to Computer Programming - Daily work will be located on the Moodle Site

Internship - Daily work will be located in the File Cabinet on this site.  Please also refer to the calendar for specifics.  We meet Mondays during 5th hour unless otherwise noted on the calendar. 
  • Requirements 8 hours per week
  • Pay Stubs turned in on time
  • Weekly assignments turned in on time
  • Proactive communication is expected 
  • If you are absent on a seminar must make up that time with me

BPA - your info will be located the Calendar and in the File Cabinet

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