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Biology is the science that studies living things. This course will include laboratory and inquiry work, as these are an essential part of student learning. the course objective is to have the learner understand biological concepts, theories, and principles through investigation and analysis of cells, organisms, and ecosystems. Areas of study include: the nature of science, cell theory, mechanisms of heridity, biological change over time, interdependence of organisms, material cycles, energy flow in living systems, homeostasis in human systems, viruses, and historical significance of major scientific advances.

Human Anatomy and Physiology is the study of the human body. The study of Anatomy involves the study of the structure of the body's organs. The study of Physiology involves the study of the function of the body's organs. The course of study is divided into three interrelated trimesters. The units of study for each trimester are listed in the course syllabus that you can find in the "Class Downloads" page. Dissection is optional in trimester A and C, but is required in trimester B.