Mrs. Scheidel - 6th Grade Physical Science

Important Info: 
Paper Towel Lab Report Due Tuesday 10/17
22 Points Summative
Use the Class Resources Link for Rubric and Electronic Copy 

Use the class resources link to the left or from the Schoology website use the Unit 1 Nature of Science & Engineering Folder for materials used in class.  This folder will contain power points and activities used in class.  If you are missing any of the below assignments in your interactive science notebook (ISN) use the resources in the folder to help you complete and see me for a completion stamp.  ISN's will be graded at the end of the unit. 
Page        Assignments                        Points
1            Cover                                         5
6/7         Notes: Designing Experiments      5
8/9         Data Tables                                5
12/13      Reaction Time Lab                      5
10/11      Graphs                                      5
16&17    Mini Society Prototype                10
TOTAL   POINTS = 30 Points