General Physical Education and Health Information

Welcome to Physical Education and Health at OMS.  Schoology will contain all of the information that you will need for PE class, anything from assignments to health notes for what is going on in class. Please see or use the Schoology app to view all class assignments and due dates.  

Ms. Brandon
Health and Physical Education

Mr. Jensen
Physical Education

Ms. Rugless
Physical Education


In health the focus will be on providing students with the lifelong tools they need to increase the quality and length of their lives. Students learn about nutrition, hygiene, disease-prevention and the importance of developing habits of for a healthy life.  Health will be taught in 8th grade.  More details to come regarding length and units taught.

Physical Education

We are looking forward to a busy and productive year in Physical Education. All students will be involved in activities on alternating days. Throughout the year we work on cardiovascular strength, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance. We like to stress the importance of staying active and being fit. 

Physical Education is the means by which students test and increase their physical limits. Attention is given to kinesthetic actions and reactions to various types of physical activity. Students participate in a variety of recreations from table tennis to flag football, incorporating individual and team sports.

"Physical Education is the only subject which by the very nature of 
its content has the potential to affect how a person will feel every 
moment of everyday for the rest of his or her life."  
-Allan Russell


The District #833 K-12 Health and Physical Education department is committed to the development of the whole child by fostering a positive attitude towards health, fitness, and physical activity and/by promoting an appreciation of lifelong health and wellness.

Goal -

Our goal is to develop a self-sustaining PE model that “empowers all learners with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle”.  Outcomes will be improved fitness, nutrition and academic achievement.

Vision -

Physical Education will provide every student with a variety of challenges that will contribute to the development and maintenance of their physical, cognitive and affective well being.  To provide our students with the foundation for making informed decisions that will empower them to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Physical Education is a lifelong process, which is the primary responsibility of the student, shared by home, district and community.