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Welcome to Science at Woodbury Middle School!  I am Ms. Chowen  and I will be teaching Earth/Space Science and Physical Science this year on Team Firestorm.  This is my third year  at Woodbury Middle School but I am starting my 18th year teaching Science. When I’m not teaching Science, I love to paint landscapes, travel and to spend time with my husband, daughter, extended family and friends.  I’m looking forward to an amazing year!  

Students will be learning the concepts in a hands-on laboratory focused course.  Please follow our progress below.  Call or email with any questions. 
PH. 651-425-5503   

Amanda Chowen

Thursday 5/18/17  Physical Science Review link here

Week of 5/8/17   MCA Review link Here

Week of 2/27/17
Wednesday 3/1
Click on the tpt.pbs link Here to launch Mountain Maker.  Complete the problems below by recording your answers on p. 16 of the gold packet.
  1. Follow the interactive instructions and describe the difference between        convergent boundary (continental-continental) and convergent boundary    (oceanic continental).
Click on link Here and...

    2.  Read any article and summarize in 5 sentences.
    3.  Read any profile and summarize in 3 sentences.
    4.  Click on the Interactive: Plate Tectonics-Seafloor spreading and summarize the         interactive in one sentence.
    5.  Your choice- Explore!  (summarize what you looked at in 1 sentence)

Thursday 3/2
    View two of the three TED Ed videos linked below
        1. Pangaea pop-up

Chromebook Activity for Unit 8
Friday 3/24
Click this link What killed the dinosaurs? Go to the last assignment in the Unit 8 packet and complete the questions as you go through this PBS website.


Ms. Chowen welcomes you!

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