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This week in a nutshell: 
 Critical Thinking (4C's) CCR
5/29Memorial DayNo school
5/30Tiny House Gallery Walk5 pillars review/project
5/31Practicality/function vs. aesthetics design challenge5 pillars project
6/1Design ChallengePresent
6/2Design ChallengePresent

CARS/4C's: All WIP's are located in the "Was it Possible" tab on the sidebar.

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Google Classroom Codes:
2nd Hour: rbiae3a
3rd Hour: 2k3mhxx
4th Hour 6q08tmp
5th Hour: go31gjr
6th Hour: t0nbrbb
7th Hour: usulbdj

Last week in a nutshell:
 Critical Thinking (4C's) CCR
5/15Brain Games Movie Notes
Create visual
5/16Letter of appreciation 
Create visual
5/17Create BlueprintPresent
5/18TwisterLab (1/2 class gone)
5/19WIP workday4: Present
5: Guest Speaker

 Critical Thinking (4C's) CCR
5/1Finish Split pic4: Benefits
5: Guest speaker
5/2Colored Sudoku4: Give a hoot about saving 
5: Interview Overview
5/3Identifying 4C's in Cupcake Wars4: Expenses vs. income
5: Give a hoot
5/4Cupcake WarsTypes of PSE
5/5Legacy Poster4: TBD
5: Guest Speaker

 Critical Thinking (4C's) CCR
4/17 Musically Inspired 
Review Habits for success
4/18Lottery ProjectCreate children's book
4/19Lottery Projectcreate children's book
4/20Lottery ProjectCB workday
CB workday

 Critical Thinking (4C's) CCR
 3/27 Product Design
DEAR day
 3/28Product Design- Create prototypeReview CCR concepts
 3/29Product Design- Create slideshowCCR film?
 3/30Product Design- slideshowCCR film
 3/31Product Design- last work dayCCR film

 Critical Thinking (4C's) CCR
 3/20 Sequence of events
 3/22Twister ArticlePresent
 3/23Product DesignGuest Speaker
 3/23Product DesignTBD


 3/14ReplicationCollege and Career exploration
 3/15Creativity testCollege/Career exploration
 3/16Creativity test
College/Career exploration
 3/17Sequence of events/directions
4th Hour: Guest speaker
5th Hour: College and Career exploration


 2/22 Whodunit work day Timeline to SMART goal
 2/23 Whodunit workday   SMART goal
 2/24 Presentations     Benefits of a high skilled career 
 2/25 Presentations Interview Qs

 2/6  Whodunit presentations
Children's book work day
 2/7 Whodunit presentations Work day 
 2/8 Wrap up Whodunit   Children's book due
 2/9 Wrap up Whodunit Calculating GPA
 2/10 Wrap up whodunit SMART goals

 1/30  Whodunit work day  (Click on "class documents" link for brainstroming sheet/rubric)

Welcome! 1st day!
 1/31 Whodunit work day What is CCR?
 2/1 Whodunit work day  Habits for success
 2/2 TBD- either stories due OR work day  Habits for success
 2/3 DEAR day
From sports to careers film

 1/16  No school!
WIPs due 1/23

No School!
 1/17  Text Codes/Annotations College and Career Exploration 
Due Th
 1/18 Deformed Puppy, rescued from trash, learns to walk- Close read  CCE
 1/19 How full is your bucket? Present OR Types of College costs
 1/20 History day
Calculating College costs

 1/9  Work day
WIPs due 1/23
AP due Tomorrow!
 1/10  Main Idea/Supporting detail Why PSE
 1/11 Gist  Types of Edu.
 1/12 Sudden Lit College and Career exploration
 1/13 Friday the 13th
CCE project

 1/2  Happy New Year!
Happy New year!
 1/3  Work on Text Feature poster?-
Computer lab- Create interview visual
 1/4 Text Structure  Finish visual
 1/5  Text Structure
Author's Purpose
 1/6 Laffy Taffy posters

 12/12  Correct Text Feature Scavenger hunt 1/2 class gone at band
 12/13  Work on Text Feature poster 4th Hour: guest speaker
5th Hour: Computer lab- work on interview visual
 12/14 Intro to WIP  4th Hour: guest speaker
5th Hour: Work on visual
 12/15  Work day 4th hour: work on visual
5th hour: present

 12/5  Welcome!  Information Revolution 
 12/6  Myers-Briggs Personality Type  High Skilled Careers 
 12/7 Who am I and how do I work with others?  Benefits of HSC
 12/8  Review of Text Features!  Interview/intro to project
 12/9  Text Features  Interview Q's

   7th Grade 4C's  6th Grade CARS  6th Grade CCR
 11/21  Graph fundraiser updates, brainstorm advertising ideas Infographics
WIPs due!
Children's book work day!-due W
 11/22 Count/graph fundraiser updates  Infographics GPA calculations
11/23 Graph updates- End of fundraiser TBD  SMART goals
11/24  No school!

No school!


   7th Grade 4C's  6th Grade CARS  6th Grade CCR
 11/14  Graph fundraiser updates DEAR day Pillars of readiness
 11/15 Count/graph fundraiser updates  present Habits for success
11/16 Graph updates present  Create a children's book- habits for success
11/17  Fundraiser updates/logistics Infographs

Work day
11/18 Fundraiser updates Infographs  Work day

   7th Grade 4C's  6th Grade CARS  6th Grade CCR
 11/7  Cultural Etiquette Expectations/requirements Who Would You Invite? Intro/directions PSE film    
 11/8 Research designated country  WWYI? Research day PSE film
11/9 Research/create visual WWYI? Research day  Welcome to CCR
11/10  Film fundraiser ad? Create visual for WWYI?

What is Ramp up to readiness?
11/11 TBD Present  pillars of success

   7th Grade 4C's  6th Grade CARS  6th Grade CCR
 10/24  Event planning work day Whodunit workday
Create CCE visual
 10/25  Event planning work day  whodunit workday
Present CCE
10/26 Work day Work day  Present
5th: Guest speaker
10/27  Present event? OR final work day Final workday

Submit Smart Goals
10/28 Present event Present  Is the cost of a PSE worth i

   7th Grade 4C's  6th Grade CARS  6th Grade CCR
 10/17  Present Amusement Park Solve WMS Whodunit?
Intro to Whodunit? Unit
Cost of PSE
 10/18  Present Amusement park  Brainstorm/work day 4th: guest speaker 
5th: create CCE visual
10/19 Intro to planning unit Work day  4th: Create CCE visula
5th: Guest speaker
10/20  Sleep in! Sleep in! Sleep in!
10/21 MEA break

 MEA break

   7th Grade 4C's  6th Grade CARS  6th Grade CCR
 10/10  Amusement park blue print Sudden lit.
WIP's due M
Study hall/work day
 10/11  amusement park blue print  Perspective and Bias 4th: guest speaker 
5th: intro to naviance
10/12  Last work day Story time- perspectives effect on a story  Computer lab- CCE project
10/13  Present amusement park? The House College and career exploration project
10/14 Present amusement park WMS whodunit?  College and career exploration project

   7th Grade 4C's  6th Grade CARS  6th Grade CCR
 10/3  Work on Business plan
Due tomorrow
Intro to text coding/annotations Why PSE?
 10/4  Present Business plan  Annotating article- Harper the rescue dog  Benefits of PSE
10/5  Begin Amusement park-calculate costs Close read- Cameras to communicate with pet  4th hour: Calculating costs
5th hour: Guest speaker
10/6  AP Blue Print  "How Full is your bucket?" 4th hour: Calculating costs
5th hour: Guest Speaker
10/7 AP blue print Kahoot review on Author's purpose, text structure, and text features  Using Naviance

   7th Grade 4C's  6th Grade CARS  6th Grade CCR
 9/26  Word Wuzzles  Work day- Author's purpose assessment (due Tu) Work day- Children's book (due Tu)
 9/27  Amusement park- business plan  Main Idea  Types of colleges
 9/28  Business plan Supporting Details  Defining your dreams
 9/29  Present Business plan  Sudden Literature   Defining your dreams
 9/30 Intro to Amusement park Following directions activity  Why college?

   7th Grade 4C's  6th Grade CARS  6th Grade CCR
 9/19  WIP guidelines  Meet Mrs. Hill Meet Mrs. Hill
 9/20  Worst Case Scenario  Present  Review- Habits for success
 9/21  4C's full speed Text Structure  Children's book- work day
 9/22  4C's full speed  Author's purpose  Work day
 9/23 Present  Author's purpose  Work day 
Book due Monday
   7th Grade 4C's  6th Grade CARS  6th Grade CCR
 9/5  Happy Labor day!  Last day of summer!! See you tomorrow!
 9/6  Welcome  Welcome  Welcome
 9/7  Expectations  Expectations  Expectations
 9/8  Meyers Briggs  Meyers Briggs  What is CCR
 9/9  Advisory     Advisory  Advisory

Google Classroom Codes:
2nd Hour: rbiae3a
3rd Hour: 2k3mhxx
4th Hour 6q08tmp
5th Hour: go31gjr
6th Hour: t0nbrbb
7th Hour: usulbdj

Click the link above for access to documents and power points used in class.

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