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For questions and concerns while I am on maternity leave, please call Ms. Mack (my sub) at 651-425-5502.

**My website will not be updated while I am on maternity leave! Please reference your planner and/or the agenda on the whiteboard instead! :)

**This week in a nutshell: 
 Content Area Reading Strategies Reading Bridge 
 Monday 9/5Intro to WIP
MY Choice Monday- Read
Tuesday 9/6Finish WIPIntro to Expert 21
Wednesday 9/7Intro to Text FeaturesPreview Peak Performance
 Thursday 9/8Text Feature Scavenger Hunt Begin reading Peak Performance
 Friday 9/9AM Classes-Work on TF poster
PM Classes- Team Building 
Peak Performance

CARS/4C's: All WIP's are located in the "Was it Possible" tab on the sidebar.

Click the link above for access to documents and power points used in class.

Google Classroom Codes:
2nd Hour: rbiae3a
3rd Hour: 2k3mhxx
4th Hour 6q08tmp
6th Hour: t0nbrbb
7th Hour: go31gjr
8th Hour: usulbdj

 Content Area Reading Strategies Reading Bridge 
 Monday 9/5 
Tuesday 9/6Welcome! Welcome! 
Wednesday 9/7Meet Mrs. Hill/What is CARS?Meet Mrs. Hill/ Class expectations
 Thursday 9/8Color Personality What is Reading Bridge?
 Friday 9/9Get to know each other activitesGet to know each other activities

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