6th Grade Media Skills - Mrs. Simons

Michelle Simons Welcome Video

Welcome to 6th Grade Media Skills. I am Michelle Simons, Media Specialist, and I teach the 6th Grade Media skills course.   This is a 9 week wheel class.  This class covers many topics including, book selection, library arrangement and classification systems.  Most of this course focuses on research and how to conduct a meaningful and accurate search on the internet and through the use of print sources. We will learn about plagiarism, acceptable use, writing bibliographies and gathering information to write a research report.  
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
Phone: 651-768-4534

6th Grade Media Skills Class

Week of January 30th:
Welcome to Media Skills.   We will begin the course with library arrangement and learning about the Dewey Decimal system. This week we will learn about using Destiny, our Online Public Access Catalog. 

Week of February 6th:
This week we will wrap up our Dewey Decimal challenge.  We will talk about reading non fiction text.  We will learn about setting a purpose for reading and how to use text features to navigate the book.

Week of February 13th:
This week we will learn about Data Bases and the District Internet Acceptable Use Policy.
We will use graphic organizers to organize and categorize information located in print text.

Week of February 21st:
This week we will learn about website evaluation.  We will evaluate several websites to determine if the site has valuable and reliable information.  We will also learn about navigating a website to gather needed information.

Week of February 27th:
This week we will learn about search engines and how to conduct a meaningful, accurate search. We will talk about keywords and phrasing.  

Week of March 6th: 
This week we will learn about using the notes we took to put into sentence/paragraphs to write a research report.  We will talk about sentence structure, importance of good flow of information, introduction and conclusions.  We will learn about writing a bibliography.   We will define and recognize plagiarism and learn ways to avoid this when writing reports.

Week of March 14th:
This week we will go over the grading and criteria for the report.  We will chose our topic and subtopics.  We will then use print and digital resources to find facts on our topic.  We will gather the facts and organize and record them.

Week of March 20th:
This week we will finish researching our topic and begin to type the report.

Week of March 27th:
This is the last week of the wheel.  We will finish up our reports and any other work from the course.