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Current Unit:  - Slope Intercept & Point Slope 
            Test Date: Thursday, April 9

This Week
March 27
* Graphing Review - BINGO p.23-24

HW: p.33 and 34, quiz tomorrow on slope-intercept form
March 28
* QUIZ: Slope-Intercept Form

HW: p.22
March 29
* Review slope-intercept quizzes
* Changing m and b notes p.35-36

HW: p.37-38, extra slope-intercept practice
March 30
* Changing m and b p.37-38-39

HW: p.40-41 + quiz tomorrow!
March 31

Last Week:
March 20
* Writing & Graphing Equations in Slope-Intercept Form Notes p.5-7

HW: p.9-11
March 21
* Changing Slope-Intercept Form to Standard Form  Notes p.12

HW: p.13-14-15
March 22
* Warm-up review graphing slope-intercept form p.18
* Checking graphs by finding intercepts Notes p.19

HW: p.20-21
March 23
* Warm-Up: Find Someone Who p.16-17
* Slope-Intercept Form given slope and 1 point Notes p.25

HW: p.27
March 24
* warm-up: Slope & 1 point p.26
* 2 points notes: p.28-29

HW: p.30, 31, 32

MCA Resources:
8th grade MCA sampler (need to open with Firefox)
        * 8th grade Calculator tutorials:
              * Atomiclearning.com Basics for the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition - Free Animated 
                    sample movie tutorials for the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition walk you through a 
                    variety of basic topics. Atomic Learning also provides their subscribers with 
                    thousands of tutorials on other applications.
                   Visual, animated Getting Started movies and step-by-step Practice Exercises 
                   illustrate basics on the TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus.