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The ability to communicate is everything... good communication skills are the foundation foracademic literacy and social success. Students who are effective communicators experience more success in school--particularly in reading, spelling, and writing. This student actively participates in class discussion, is eager to ask questions, and recognizes concepts for which he/she needs clarification. Communication skills that are learned and practiced in school are naturally carried over into other aspects of a student's daily life too, as good communicators also make good friends.

Within this site, parents and teachers can learn more about communication development and the most common types of problems in school-aged children. They can review my classroom routine and expectations for students that I work with, access online resources and interactive games for at-home practice, and read descriptions of my favorite books for therapy. If you have questions , please contact me by phone or email. Thanks for stopping by!

Mrs. Trinko
Speech Language Pathologist at Woodbury Elementary
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