Mrs. Swanson's History and Global Studies Home Page

Welcome to Mrs. Swanson's History Home Page!  My name is Mrs. Swanson and I am the newest member of Team Tornado!  I LOVE history and am so excited to be your guide through the history of the United States from the 1860s through the 1990s for Grade 7.  I will also be taking the 8th graders on a trip around the world in my 8th Grade Global Studies class!  I have many interesting and fun activities planned as well as some tips to help you all become first class historians and scholars.   

You will find PowerPoints, assignments, and information on this site to help you complete the course.  You can access these by clicking the appropriate class on the left 7th Grade US History Documents or 8th Grade Global Studies Documents.  In the documents you will find a folder that coordinates with the unit we are working on. The documents are named to match the assignment that appears on the date shown on the agenda.  

Speaking of agenda, I have an agenda for 7th Grade US History and 8th Grade Global Studies shown below, 7th grade is listed first, scroll down past it and you will see 8th Grade. Use these agendas to keep an eye on due dates and assignments.  Most of the work is done in class, unless you need to finish something at home, or if indicated by HW, which stands for homework.  Use this site,  it is a great resource for you!  Here's to a great year!

7th Grade U.S. History

8th Grade Global Studies