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Cartooning unit 6th and 7th 

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Welcome to Art 7th graders


Drawing test IOMT 

Class rules and Color test 

District pretest 

Painting Mixing understanding color and Value. last week of ART 

Surrealism and Portraits 

Color and value  Painting Unit

Clay Unit 

Pop art unit 



Shape And Texture Unit Collage 

clay making 3-D art

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Clay Form Mask unit

Doodle 4 Google Line  Unit 

Painting Unit Post-Moderism Learning to Mix Paint 

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Doodle for google theme is "What I see for the Future" Using Line to create a winning Design.

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Peace unit explores Media and the Design Element of Space.
Students are encourage to think about others  in the contested of visual Artists.

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Long Film

Collage unit Work with cut paper and Design Element of Shape.
Students are Encourage to think about their Value and Identity in the contested of visual Artists.  

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Welcome to Art Class!

Get to Know You

Introduction to Principles of Art


Art History

Elements Pre Test

Elements Test


6th & 7th Grade Art 2015-16

The mission of the Middle School Visual Art Department of South Washington County Schools is to empower all students with a passion to experience, understand, create, critique, and present visual art.  

We will be getting to know you as an Artist this year your Style and developing your skills.
You will need to Draw every day!
Some day we will draw/ take notes in class for this assignment.

60 Drawings


·       60 drawings that take 15 min. each.

·       Whole page drawings

·       Include 6 of the 7 elements of design (students have notes on the elements)

1.    10-15 different lines

2.    10-15 different shapes

3.    5-7 forms (3-d shapes)

4.    5-7 textures

5.    5-7 value

6.    Space for ways to show space ( overlap, size change, detail change and perspective)

7.    Color use a color scheme like primary, warm, cool

·       IF  a student work on a picture for 15 min and can’t get all the element that okay as long as each night there getting a little bit more.

·       When absent all drawings are done outside of class but in class notes will count.