Mrs. Gulsvig's Science Home

Mrs. Gulsvig 

East Ridge High School is now on summer break!  Enjoy a safe and fun summer!

Contact Info:
Email:  ***This email is the best way to contact me!
Phone:  651-425-2473
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Gulsvig's keys to Success in Physical Science:
1.  Be present--literally and mentally in class.  I hope you enjoy it!
2.  Ask questions in the moment when you are confused.  We're here to help!
3.  As we go along, study your notes and flashcards until you master them.  Mastery is being able to answer all the questions in your own words without help.
4.  Ask questions as you do labs.  When a lab is due, there will be a lab quiz on the procedure and concepts covered in the lab.
5.  Complete your test review and study your weaknesses.