Mrs. Balderrama's Home

Why teach academic English skills?

“Each language you learn is another set of opportunities.”
~Skylar Harrington

My hope is that each child will master English communication skills they need 
to pursue whatever dreams and opportunities they wish to conquer.

Hi!  My name is Linnea Balderrama and I teach English Learners (EL/ELL/ESL) in Kindergarten-5th grades.  I work with classroom teachers to build students' academic English skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  See sidebar for answers to "Common Questions" section for more details on how we do this at Grey Cloud.
Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with family, exploring parks, traveling, and doing outdoor activities with my son and daughter.  I'm excited they can be in an immersion program so they, too, can enjoy the benefits of being bilingual as they grow up.

If you have questions or concerns about your child, please e-mail or call me:

phone        651-425-4274


Resources for Parents

Colorin Colorado - Many resources for parents trying to raise multi-lingual children

International Children's Library - Read online books in your home language with your child!

Unite for Literacy Online Library - Books are read aloud in many languages.  Click the world symbol to see which narration languages are available for the book.

Links for Students


RAZ Kids- ask your child's teacher for log-in and symbol.

Spelling City - Fun way to practice spelling lists online
Starfall (Pre-K-1st Grades) Beginning reading practice and literacy games.

MAP Reading Practice (2nd-5th Grades)
Practice for the MAP test that students take 2 times a year.

Storyline Online - Kids love hearing these books read to them by famous people!
Free Rice (3rd-5th Grades)
Donate rice to people in need while building your vocabulary intelligence!
Pick a topic, listen and learn the words with pictures, then test your knowledge with matching and typing games!

Battleship (grammar challenge)

Great vocabulary and grammar quizzes.  You may choose beginning, intermediate, or advanced levels.   

Can you master these tongue twisters?

School Sparks (pre-K-1st grade)
Tips for parents to help their children be great listeners, especially with multi-step directions

 ESL Lab (3rd-5th grades)
MAP Math (2nd-5th grades)

Science Games (2nd -5th)

PBS Kids - (pre-K-3rd grades) Play with Wild Kratts, Arthur, and more!

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