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The trophy in this picture was given to me by my students, who voted me the teacher of the month for perseverance:)


It is my privilege to teach "Pre-Algebra" and "Algebra with Statistics" at Oltman! 

Pre-Algebra is when students get used to the idea that math is not just about positive numbers! We begin working with negative numbers and variables. This will prepare them for going into regular algebra next year.

Algebra with Statistics is a double accelerated math class where students work through the 8th and 9th grade algebra curriculum. It is a fast-paced, rigorous class in which students are still expected to achieve higher than average scores.

Do I have homework tonight or missing work?
  • Check parent portal: Grades are updated at least once a week. If it is marked late and says "missing" in the comments, it means the assignment has not been turned in. The grade will be marked as 50% until I am able to grade it and enter the new score.
  • Check Schoology: All assignments are listed in Schoology.  You can click on each individual assignment and see if it has been turned in, when it was turned in and what assignments are currently due.
How do I access my textbook if I left it at school?
  • iPad: for Pre-Algebra students only - your textbook can be accessed via your iPad by following these steps:
    • Go to OMS website
    • Click Safari Montage
    • Log-in
    • Click playlists (top of screen in the middle)
    • Click district playlists (left side)
    • Enter keyword
      • math connects 3
    • Click on your green textbook
    • Click on the chapter you need
    • Open in
      • Notability
      • upad lite
      • adobe reader
      • iBooks
    Office Hours:
    Tuesday and Thursday until 3:20pm
    Wednesday until 4pm
    Friday by appointment only

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